P.O. BOX 1116
Abiquiu NM 87510
United States

We welcome you to DanceHammers, an organization created to facilitate moving the Earth Wisdom Teachings of the Delicate Lodge into the world once more.

‘Dance hammering’ is a concept held in this ancient way that speaks about the need for the humans to hammer the medicine wheels and concepts of wisdom of these ancient teachings into themselves. Like the metal smith, one must take these old understandings and glyphs into the self and hammer upon them, fit them to the life of oneself and apply them to situations in the daily walk of the self, to discover the magic and transformative power of them. In and of themselves they are simply images or concepts, but applied to life and to the human experience they become powerful tools to author ones life in a way of wholeness and balance. The Delicate Lodge teachings are a way of discipline, disciplining the thought, thereby disciplining the words and actions manifested by the humans. This way fosters beauty, openness and connectedness with the self, one another, and with our Mother Earth. This wisdom has come to us in this time from a long lineage of Keepers who gave themselves to their value and understood their importance to the hoop of the people, moving them forward in time to this moment in our history. We are grateful that you have come … .

DanceHammers’ mission is to carry the Delicate Lodge teachings to those who will be at the forefront of fostering the community and organizational circles of the world and who choose to foster the mind of respect and an honoring of all of life.