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“The one most important thing you can do 

to change the course of history on our planet 

is to heal yourself of limiting and diminishing thoughts about yourself. 

Create a vibrant and healthy relationship with yourself. 

It will change everything, in your world and in mine.” 

WhiteEagle Woman 

The Council Guide Training is a certification ceremonial journey and process for those interested in deep self-healing, empowerment, and growth and in taking these wisdom tools into organizations, education or other communities.

The first year of this journey involves intensive study and integration of ancient Medicine Wheels to understand how the human has grown out of the primal forces of life, how we are ‘all related’, and how those forces teach us about who we really are in our power. We use the Mother Earth and her other children as our teachers, as the Elders have always recommended. We also explore the belief system each participant uses to create her/his reality. Powerful old ways of restructuring the self and our beliefs to better fit each person’s true identity are put into use and practiced. Limiting beliefs that live in us are questioned into and restructured as each participant chooses. This work is done as individuals and together as teams. All learning is done in a ceremonial manner.

The second year we begin to help the participant learn to carry certain Wheels and protocols from the Delicate Lodge Teachings out into the world when they are certified at the end of the journey. This happens along side the deep inner restructuring work that will continue until the end of this dedicated journey.

The other important facet of your personal learning is about how to live in a deeply intimate circle of others training beside you while doing deep inner work. You will learn old protocols for holding a people together, making agreements, and moving forward in a way that ensures every voice is heard.

Participants are expected to involve themselves deeply in the study and practice of this Earth Wisdom way by applying the tools they are learning, with emphasis on self-development (a powerful way to remember the truth of who you are) and deep integration.

The CGT Journey is a two and a quarter year Medicine experience in which the participants meet four times a year for five days for each ceremony. There are a total of nine ceremonies. Between sessions there is a password protected Internet ‘lodge’ for each CGT circle, where the deep integration amongst the participants happens when we are not together on the land. The Keeper and the Guides give participants assignments in which they apply the teachings to their personal life assisted by guidance and evaluation from their Guides. Participants engage in a bi-monthly reporting process in this lodge and work together in learning teams to facilitate engagement between the ceremonial teaching times.

The Mother Earth has always created her leaders up out of the power inherent in her natural growth, evolution, and ability to sustain herself. If you want to understand and embody true organic leadership with this kind of power, then please journey with us on this pathway from the Delicate Lodge Teachings.

The old style of business is no longer working. The newest ancient way of the Circle is now, for the first time, taking its place in the world of business as not just a viable structure for sustainable business models, but also a regenerative model.

WhiteEagle Woman offers gatherings to explore the way forward:

  • How to engage and co-operate with companies, teams and communities using The Way of the Council.
  • The role of money in past and present business structures, and the dream of how it needs to change how it defines ‘success’.
  • What we face with shifting our business models to the circle model of sustainability and regeneration.

Meeting and connecting with like-minded people and entrepreneurs to see what we have learned so far in working with ancient organizational development tools in businesses and organizations. What do these old teachings tell us? And what is needed to move on? How can we best support our teams, leaders and communities with the tools we have?

This 5 day ceremonial experience happens twice a year in the land of the Maya at a beautiful place called Cabanas Copal. The Delicate Lodge Teachings came through the Mayan peoples thousands of years ago. So, twice a year WhiteEagle Woman takes a group of people to the Yucatan to stay in this wonderful place to receive the blessings of the ancestors at 4 incredible ceremonial sites. The whole journey takes 6 days; two travel days and 4 full days for the ceremonial blessings. This is a ceremony of BEING; so each day we have a morning practice on the beach welcoming ourselves to our waking dream; we spend time on the beach, swimming and snorkelling, contemplating, AND visit temples and cenotes for our teachings and blessings. It is a beautiful life changing ceremony. All are welcome.

There are times in each individuals life when the doorway to growth, visioning, or healing is needed. WhiteEagle Woman takes seekers to the Mother Earth to work with Her to bring personal visions, healing or transformational development to the People. Each ceremony time is designed with the particular and unique needs of each seeker. These ceremonies usually are four full days out on the Earth and will address the need to vision, to heal the past, heal the present, heal the body, emotions, heart and mind.

WhiteEagle Woman offers assistance in all types of celebrations, to mark the beautiful passages of life for individuals and groups who are wanting to include the Mother Earth and all our relations.

They include

  • Birth ceremonies with a dedication of the new little ones to Life
  • Death ceremonies releasing the ones who are journeying on to the Great Round
  • Weddings celebrating two people choosing to walk together in Life
  • Rites of Passage for youth and for adults marking a conscious doorway of taking responsibility for their life and being welcomed into the world as those who choose to self author their life.

WhiteEagle Woman is available for speaking engagements. She holds Corn Planting talks (a few hours with a group to take them into an experience of the tradition she carries) wherever a motivated group gathers as well as speaks on many different topics to large and small groups of people.

For details on any of these offerings, please contact:

DawnJaguar, keeper-in-training at:

Accalia, assistant, at: