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Events – dates & locations

Some ceremonies, marked as closed events, are oriented around existing circles.
Anyone interested in attending the other events, please contact the person listed or contact us at

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August 20-29, 2021

Sundance Anatolia

Jupiter Olive Farmland, Manisa, Turkey, Registration

Hakan Onal

open for all

June 18-27, 2021

Prayer Dance to the Sun

Potters Farm, USA


Opportunity for Ceremony in Your Area
The Delicate Lodge teachings – as carried by WhiteEagle Woman and those who have been trained to assist her – are available to you in your logistical area of the United States. If you are interested in sponsoring a ceremony in your area, contact DanceHammers. You will receive assistance in creating marketing materials, ideas for gathering people, and support as needed from our trained people. As well, we have numerous events going on throughout our community circles around the world such as ceremonies at the solstices and equinoxes, new and full moon ceremonies, etc. If you are interested in attending ceremony outside of the United States check the links below.

Training programs in Turkey:
Council Guide Training in Turkey 2021-24



 Training programs in the United States:
Council Guide Training in New Mexico 2021-24


Julia Peek aka Heart of Daughters

Training programs in Switzerland:
Council Guide Training in Switzerland 2021-2024

DawnJaguar aka Matthias Straub-Fischer